The Freeborn County Assessor’s Office is responsible for the valuation and classification of all real and taxable personal property within the county for property tax purposes as provided by state law and regulation. Our office maintains property data on all parcels.

Property Taxes

For more information on property taxes, check out the Minnesota State Department of Revenue.

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The Freeborn County Assessor's Office will be performing reassessments of property for the 2019 assessment for property taxes payable in 2020 in the following jurisdictions:


Residential Property in the SW portion of the City of Albert Lea

City of Hartland

City of Emmons

City of Hayward

City of Hollandale

Postcards are sent to the property owners in the reassessment jurisdictions. Property owners are asked to contact the Assessor's Office to set up an appointment and/or to verify property information with the appraiser. Appraiser's will be visiting each property that is improved with structures to update photos and review the property. The appraiser will leave a door hanger notifying that they were at the property, and may request the owner to contact them to verify information and/or possibly to set up an appointment to view the interior of the dwelling or other structures.

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