Court Services - Probation

Freeborn County Court Services strives to provide the Freeborn County District Court and the citizens of  Freeborn County with services designed to ensure public safety. Such services include:
  • Actively reducing the incidence of crime
  • Providing restoration to all victims
  • Providing effective and accountable offenders supervision while minimizing the impact of crime on the citizens of Freeborn County
  • Promoting public interest and safety through holding offenders accountable and changing the offenders' criminal behavior and harmful acts
  • Providing various rehabilitation referral services directed at offering offenders opportunities to change their behaviors and values, and to become law abiding
  • Focusing on the issue of crime in the community, including both the criminal act, and its consequences for victims, families, and the community as a whole
Our mission statement reflects the beliefs that:
  • Above all, the citizens of Freeborn County have the right to be protected from individuals who cause harm to others
  • When public safety is not compromised, offenders are best served through alternative, community-based sentences
  • The person should leave the criminal justice system as a more productive citizen than when she or he entered the criminal justice system
  1. Freeborn County  411 Broadway S., Albert Lea, MN 56007            Phone: 507-377-5299 

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