Human Services

  1. Adult Services

    Provides services for Developmentally Disabled (DD) children/adults and Vulnerable Adults (VA). Obtain disability waivers and make a Vulnerable Adult Abuse / Neglect report.

  2. Business Office / Child Support

    Learn about what the Business Office does and the Child Support services offered.

  3. Children's Mental Health

    Learn about Children's Mental Health and the services offered.

  4. Crime Victims Crisis Center

    Contact the Crime Victims Crisis Center for assistance as a crime victim.

  5. Family Services

    Make a Child Abuse / Neglect report and obtain child / family services.

  6. Financial Assistance Programs

    Participate in a financial assistance program.

  7. Licensing

    Acquire a family Daycare / Foster Care license.

  8. Mental Health Center

    Learn about the Mental Health Center and the services offered.