Online Bill Pay

We are now accepting property tax payments online through the Beacon Schneider website. You can search for your property by name, address, or your parcel I.D. number.

 You may now pay your property taxes over the internet using your credit/debit card. The accepted payment types are:
 • Visa
 • MasterCard
 • American Express
 • Discover

 You will be charged a nominal fee for this service as listed below:
 • $0-$60 = $1.50
 • $61 and over = 2.5%

 You may also pay your property taxes on-line using an e-check. Your bank account will be debited for the amount.

 You will be charged a flat fee for this service as listed below:
 • $1.50

 YOU MUST PAY THE MOST RECENT YEAR FIRST. Regardless of which year you select, the payment will be applied to the most recent year first. (MN Statute 280.39)

Pay your property taxes online.