Filing For Office

2022 State Primary and General Election

  • Filing Begins May 17th, 2022

2022 Election Dates

Primary Election - August 9th

General Election - November 8th

Requirements for Running for Office


The filing requirements, filing dates and filing locations depend on which office you are running for. To run for any office, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be an eligible voter.
  • Pay all filing fees or present a Petition in Place of Filing Fee as allowed by statute.  Complete an Affidavit of Candidacy.
  • Complete and file Campaign Finance Reports.

Additional information and forms can be found online.

Candidate Filing Dates

May 17th - May 31st for the following offices

  • All Federal Offices (file with the Office of the Secretary of State)
    • US Senator
    • US Representative
  • All State Offices (file with Secretary of State, or the county auditor)
    • Governor & Lieutenant Governor
    • State Senator
    • State Representative - Districts 27A and 27B
    • Secretary of State
    • State Auditor
    • Attorney General
    • Judicial Offices
  • All County Offices (File with county auditor)
    • County Commissioner District 2
    • County Commissioner District 4
    • Soil & Water Conservation Supervisor, District 3
    • Soil & Water Conservation Supervisor, District 4
  • City of Albert Lea Offices (file with city clerk)
    • Mayor
    • Councilor Second Ward
    • Councilor, Fourth Ward
    • Councilor, Sixth Ward

July 26th - August 9th

  • All other cities (file with city clerk)
  • Townships with November elections (file with town clerk)
  • School board (file with school district administrative officer)

Filing fees

Filing fees are non-refundable per Minnesota Statute 204B.11

  • U.S. Senator: $400
  • U.S. Representative: $300
  • State Senator or Representative: $100
  • Judicial Officer: $300
  • County Office: $50
  • Soil & Water Conservation Dist. Supervisor: $20
  • City of Albert Lea Offices: $25
  • Township Offices: $2
  • School District Offices: $2

Additional Candidate Resources