How do I obtain a background check on myself?
The Background Check form is located on the Sheriff's page of this website. Fill it out and return it to the Sheriff's Office along with any applicable fees.

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1. How do I obtain an application for a Permit to Purchase or Carry a firearm?
2. How do I obtain a copy of a crash report?
3. How do I obtain a background check on myself?
4. How do I arrange for a Vacation Watch or Spot Check of my property in my absence?
5. How do I make arrangements for Special Policing from the Freeborn County Sheriff's Office?
6. How do I file a report to commend a Deputy Sheriff for excellent service?
7. How do I report an allegation of misconduct regarding a Deputy Sheriff?
8. How do I make an appointment for fingerprints?
  1. Freeborn County  411 Broadway S., Albert Lea, MN 56007            Phone: 507-377-5299 

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