County Attorney

The Freeborn County Attorney’s Office is organized into five areas of work. The work is shared, but the office staff have primary responsibilities.

  • Adult Criminal - The County Attorney's Office prosecutes adults charged with felony crimes, as well as misdemeanor and gross misdemeanors that occur in the unincorporated areas of the county and other limited areas as defined by statute.
  • Civil - The County Attorney's Office advises and represents the County Board of Commissioners and other county departments on civil legal matters.
  • Family - The County Attorney's Office provides legal direction and advice to the Freeborn County Child Support Unit. The County Attorney's Office also brings actions to obtain or enforce child support, medical support, and child care support obligations, or to establish the paternity of a child.
  • Juvenile Criminal - The County Attorney's Office prosecutes juvenile delinquency matters involving juveniles accused of committing crimes within the county.
  • Protective Services - The County Attorney's Office initiates petitions to protect abused or neglected children, as well as initiates involuntary commitment actions to provide necessary treatment for individuals who are mentally ill, chemically dependent, or mentally handicapped.

Neither the County Attorney nor his staff is allowed to represent or provide legal services to private citizens.

For more information, see County Attorney Duties (PDF).