The County Administrator’s Office is the administrative center of the county. Under the direction of the Board of Commissioners, the administrator exercises general supervision over all county institutions and agencies. The office coordinates the various activities and unifies the management of the county.


Responsibilities of the department include:

  • Administrative / Financial
    • Preparing and submitting to the county board a proposed annual budget (PDF) of commissioners and a long-range capital improvements plan
    • Attending all meetings of the county board and maintaining records of those meetings
    • Recommending policy measures for consideration by the county board
    • Acting as the head of another department when required by the board and pursuant to law
    • Examining the books and papers of officers and departments and reporting findings to the county board
    • Providing for the execution of all ordinances, policies, resolutions, or laws of the state required to be enforced by the county board
    • Reviews Board of Commissioners meetings
  • Personnel
    • Recruiting, selecting, and hiring qualified staff to assist in the performance of duties approved by the county board
    • Appointing, suspending, or removing all county personnel subject to the control of the county board
    • Auditing time and attendance and payroll functions
    • Coordinating employee performance appraisal activities
  • Risk Management
    • Managing the health and life benefits programs for active and retired employees
    • Procuring protection from loss of all county equipment and property
    • Managing the county’s various self insurance programs
    • Evaluation risk and implementing appropriate controls such as commercial insurance or internal safety programs