Update as of 4/01/2022

Rapidly Appreciating Real estate market impact on 2022 assessed values in Freeborn County

 As Freeborn County residents received their property tax valuations in late March some property owners may see larger than normal increases.  As with all the counties in the southeastern region, certain properties will see increases that exceed 20%.

Over the past 18 months, the real estate market in Freeborn county and other SE counties witnessed some of the largest gains in recent history.  This means the county’s 2022 assessed residential property values will mirror the market that is occurring.  Most counties that Freeborn County used to benchmark its property values report median residential property increases at or exceeding 20%.

The 2022 assessed values were determined based on the sales that occurred between Oct 1, 2020- Sept 30th, 2021.  These sales within that timeframe are time-trended by the Minnesota Department of Revenue to keep up with market activity.  For example, if a property sold in the beginning of the sales study it will be trended to reflect how properties are selling at the end of the sales study.  State statues dictates that assessment offices must follow the trended sales study when determining market adjustments. The Department of Revenue ensures assessment offices maintain compliance with those statues.  

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Freeborn County is set up under a "true county assessor" system which means all property assessments are conducted by the County.  The County Assessor’s Office is responsible for the valuation and classification of all property within the county for property tax purposes as provided by state law and regulation.

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The Freeborn County Assessor’s Office will be performing reassessments of property for the 2023 assessment for property taxes payable in 2024 in the following jurisdictions: 

  • City of Albert Lea Residential - See Map of Areas Below
    • Area 7
    • Area 10
    • Area 11
    • Area 12
    • Area 16C
    • Area 17
    • Area 19
    • Area 21
  • Small Cities
    • Geneva
  • Townships
    • Alden
    • Carlston
    • Freeborn
    • Mansfield
  • You should receive a postcard and an appraiser will be visiting each property that is improved with structures to update photos and review the property. 

Sales Reports