Public Works

The Public Works Department strives to serve the public by providing a transportation system and services that emphasize quality, safety, cost effectiveness, economic vitality, and sensitivity to the environment. The duties of this department include:

  • Contract administration
  • Fiscal programming and cost accounting
  • Highway traffic safety
  • Maintenance of highway, rights of way, county parks, and bridge
  • Management of the county motor pool
  • Materials design and testing
  • Planning and design
  • Property acquisition
  • Public transportation planning
  • Snow removal
  1. Weight Restrictions

    Please take note that weight restrictions will remain on the following County Bridges on CSAH 1: Bridge #4792, Shell Rock Township over Deer Creek (CD #71) and Bridge #24508, London Township over Shell Rock River.
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Weed Control Agreement

Construction Projects - 2018

CP 018-M-002   2018 Road Striping and Pavement Marking - Various Roads

CP 018--M-004   2018 Applying Magnesium Chloride - Various Roads

CP 018-MOL-060   Mill and Overlay - CR 60

SAP 024-604-017  Aggregate Base, Bituminous Surface, Aggregate Shoulders - CSAH 4

SAP 024-609-009   Cold Inplace Recycle, Recondition and Bituminous Surface - CSAH 9

SP 024-070-028  6" Solid Line Epoxy GRN IN (WR) Pavement Markings - Various Roads