Delinquent Taxes

Utilize the following information to determine how much you owe to the county:

  • The "Interest Figured To" date as shown on the "Totals" line for each parcel is the date through which the interest amount is calculated. Interest increases the first of each month, therefore, you must either contact the County Auditor's Office to determine the amount due after the "Interest Figured To" date or recheck this site for an updated version of the list. The posting of an updated list will generally occur the first week of each month.
  • If a parcel contains multiple years of delinquency, and if you are unable to pay the delinquency in full, then you must pay the most current delinquent year first. Delinquent real property taxes are paid in inverse order, starting with the most recent year of delinquency.

If you should have any questions regarding the above statements or the information contained within the delinquent tax list, please contact us.