Forfeiture Property

Bidding at Auctions

All parcels are offered at public auction and sold to the highest bidder. The minimum bid acceptable is the basic sale price, which is shown on the list of tax-forfeited land. The basic sale price is equal to the appraised value or the appraised value plus any extra charges for special assessments levied after forfeiture or for hazardous waste control. The following fees are required with the parcel:

  • 3% surcharge for the state assurance account will be collected at the time of the sale
  • State deed fee of $25
  • Recording fee of $46
  • Deed tax of $.0033 per $100 of the sale price with a minimum of $1.65

Non-Auction Sales

Any parcel not sold at a public sale may be purchased after the public sale by paying the basic sale price plus fees. The basic sale price cannot be changed until the parcel is reappraised, republished, and again offered at a later public sale. Sales are subject to the following restrictions on the use of the properties:

  • Existing leases
  • Easements obtained by a governmental subdivision or state agency for a public purpose, easements of record
  • Building codes and zoning laws

All sales are final with no refunds or exchanges allowed. Appraised value does not represent a basis for future taxes.


The buyer will receive a receipt at the time of the sale. The Department of Revenue will issue a state deed after full payment is made. The state deed is the same as a quitclaim deed and is not a warranty deed.


If there is a well on the property, a well certificate is needed along with a $50 fee. It is the buyer’s obligation to do whatever is necessary to comply with the law and pay the necessary fees.

Please note: The papers should be processed, the deed recorded, and then the deed returned to the buyer in approximately three weeks.

Reassessments (Special Assessments)

Any special assessments which were levied after forfeiture and certified to the County Auditor by date of this sale have been added to the appraised value and must be paid by the purchaser as part of the basic sale price.

Any assessments Certified to the County Auditor after the date of sale and for the coming tax year may appear on the next year's taxes. You must check with the City or Township Clerk of the jurisdiction in which you are purchasing the property in for upcoming year amounts.


Any party who was eligible to repurchase tax-forfeited, non-conservation land before the public sale must pay the sum of:

  • All cancelled real estate taxes and interest
  • Amount equal to the current year tax that would be due if forfeiture had not occurred
  • Any costs associated with the forfeiture of that particular parcel (i.e., sheriff, mail, and publishing fees)

Special Notes

  • All payments are to be made in cash.
  • All properties are sold in "as is" condition.
  • Property taxes will begin the year following the sale.
  • If you need to survey the property to determine the boundary lines, it will be done at the buyer's expense.



The Minnesota Department of Health strongly recommends that ALL homebuyers have an indoor radon test performed prior to purchase or taking occupancy and recommends having the radon levels mitigated if elevated radon concentrations are found. Elevated radon concentrations can easily be reduced by a qualified, certified, or licensed, if applicable, radon mitigator. Every buyer of an interest in residential real property is notified that the property may present exposure to dangerous levels of indoor radon gas that may place the occupants at risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer. Radon, a Class A human carcinogen, is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and the second leading cause overall. The seller of any interest in residential property is required to provide the buyer with any information on radon test results of the dwelling.

Freeborn County is not aware of any radon testing conducted on residential properties listed in this tax-forfeited land for public sale list. Freeborn County is not aware of radon records, concentration levels or if a radon mitigation system is in place on any of the previously listed parcels for sale.