Children's Mental Health

We want to hear from you! The ten counties in South Central Minnesota are working together to improve and expand mental health services and resources available to parents, children, and youth. Your input will assist in providing valuable information as we move forward in our efforts to increase awareness and accessibility to these services and resources.

  1. Case Management
  2. Professional Home-Based Treatment

Eligibility for Case Management Services

To determine eligibility for case management, a child with severe emotional disturbance must meet one of the following criteria:  

  • the child has been admitted within the last three years or is at risk of being admitted to inpatient treatment or residential treatment for an emotional disturbance 
  • the child is a Minnesota resident and is receiving inpatient treatment or residential treatment for an emotional disturbance through the interstate compact 
  • the child has one of the following as determined by a mental health professional:  
    • psychosis or a clinical depression 
    • risk of harming self or others as a result of an emotional disturbance 
    • psychopathological symptoms as a result of being a victim of physical or sexual abuse or of psychic trauma within the past year
  • the child, as a result of an emotional disturbance, has significantly impaired home, school or community functioning that has lasted at least one year or that in the written opinion of a mental health professional, presents substantial risk of lasting at least one year.