Parks System

The Freeborn County Parks System includes four parks:  White's Woods, Pickerel Lake, St. Nicholas and Arrowhead.  The county park system developed out of the perception that our natural resources need to be preserved for the enjoyment of all county residents.  Traditionally, the use of the county parks has been for day campers, family picnics, class reunions or solo exercise enthusiasts or nature buffs.

White's Woods Park is located on Highway 69 about one mile south of the City of Twin Lakes.  This 176 acre park was once a farmstead that has now reverted back to natural woodland and prairie environments.  The largest of the parks within the county system, White's Woods has two shelter buildings, picnic areas, playground equipment and a variety of trails.

Arrowhead Park is located just south of the City of Freeborn and just west of County State Aid Highway 8 (CSAH 8).  About 60 acres of woods border Freeborn Lake providing areas for picnics, hiking, fishing and boating.  The park also has a shelter and rest rooms on site.

Pickerel Lake Park is located one mile southwest of the City of Albert Lea on US Highway 69.  This 15 acre park shores along Pickerel Lake with the park area overlooking the natural environment of a typical prairie lake.  The site contains a shelter house, rest rooms, boat launch, picnic area, fishing areas and play areas.

St. Nicholas Park is the smallest of the County Parks with just less than 15 acres bordering Albert Lea Lake.  This park has limited facilities including a small shelter, picnic area and boat launch.

Maintenance of the county park system has been a combination of Highway Department staff, Sentence to Serve personnel, and contract mowing and garbage service.

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