Uniformed Patrol

The sheriff’s office has twelve full-time patrol deputies. Ten deputies are assigned to uniformed patrol and two are assigned to civil process and the South Central Drug Investigation Unit respectively. There are three full-time patrol sergeants, who oversee this division.

Patrol deputies are responsible for responding to calls for service, conducting investigations, patrolling roadways, serving civil papers providing security to residents of the county and enforcing state laws. Along with these duties, deputies fill many other important roles as trainers to ensure all mandated training requirements are met. Deputies and sergeants serve as field training deputies, firearms, use of force, Taser, close-quarter-battle, active shooter and other instructor roles and are responsible for training all licensed staff. One deputy is assigned to be as the canine handler.

​ Patrol sergeants are responsible for overseeing daily patrol shifts, maintaining the work schedule, reviewing and approving reports, overseeing training and recreational programs, conducting patrol deputy reviews and ensuring the daily tasks of the sheriff’s office are met.