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Sales Verification Form-Residential/Agricultural Property

  1. Name of Individual Completing Form
  2. Was there an appraisal done in conjunction with the sale of the property?*
  3. Was the seller a friend or relative or related business partner that would have caused the seller to sell or buyer to pay less that market value?
  4. Will this be your primary residence?*
  5. Was this sale financed?
  6. (furniture, equipment, machinery, inventory, automobiles, etc)

  7. Did this purchase involve any of the following entities or criteria? Please check all that apply
  8. Was this transfer made for the purpose of name change, reorganization, or corporate merger?*
  9. Was this sale a part of a forced sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, forfeiture, sheriff's or tax sale, or other transfer arising from default?*
  10. Was this sale a purchase of a percentage of the total property? (partial interest sale)*
  11. Did the Seller perform any remodeling or renovations on this property after January 1st of the current year but before the time of the sale?*
  12. Has the buyer changed the property in any way since the date of purchase? (renovations or removals)*
  13. Is this an agricultural property?*
  14. Was this sale a part of an IRS 1031 exchange?
  15. Will you be farming this agricultural property?*
  16. Do you operate a Family Farm operation?*
  17. If Yes, Are you registered with the Minnesota Dept of Ag?*
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