Environmental Services

Mission Statements and Contacts:

  • Building Inspections - We promote the safety and community welfare through building plan review, permit requirement, inspection of construction, and application of International and State of Minnesota Building Codes. For questions on obtaining building permits or to set-up a building inspection, email Ross Leonhardi.
  • Environmental Services - We promote environmental health through air, land, and water natural resource protection. For questions on septic systems, well water testing, noxious weed control, commercial applicator license testing, or any wetland issue, contact email Rachel Wehner.
  • Feedlot Officer / Household Hazardous Waste - We promote the keeping of livestock, control the size and location of buildings to house animals, regulate land application of manure, and proper disposal of animal mortalities. For information concerning manure applications, feedlot permits. environmental assessment worksheets, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency feedlot rules, or household hazardous waste, email Craig Rosell.
  • Planning and Zoning - We promote the safety and general welfare by regulating land use; the location, height, and size of buildings; the density of population; and the division of the county into districts for residential, industrial, and agricultural uses. This ensures orderly future development outside the limits of incorporated municipalities. For questions concerning building and zoning, email Trevor Bordelon.
  • Solid Waste Management - We promote the collection, transportation, and final disposal of residential, commercial, and industrial refuse and recyclable products. For information about special waste disposal, recycling, household hazardous waste, demolition landfills, solid waste permitting, environmental education, rural addressing, or any department issues, email Mark Goskeson.
  • Watershed - We promote the protection of surface and groundwater resources through land-use best management practices. For issues that concern wetlands and watersheds, email Rachel Wehner.
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