Probation Services

Services include, but are not limited to

  • Providing probation supervision to juvenile, adult misdemeanor, and selected adult gross misdemeanor offenders
  • Pretrial supervision for all levels of offenders
  • Coordinating the placement of offenders in appropriate community and residential programs
  • Providing the court with necessary reports such as pre-dispositional reports, probation violation reports, reference reports, review / discharge reports, chemical use assessments, and domestic abuse investigations
  • Aiding in the collection of restitution
  • Providing local community service work
  • Attending staffing at schools and residential programs
  • Providing electronic monitoring of selected cases
  • Ensure that selected offenders receive random drug and alcohol testing

When providing these services, this department strives to maintain a balance of providing public safety, community restoration and restitution, and encouraging the offender to self improvement. All of these and other services are provided under the direction of the Freeborn County District Court and within Minnesota statutes.

Officer Duties

Probation officers appointed within Freeborn County cooperate with all law enforcement agencies, schools, child welfare agencies of a public or private character, and other groups concerned with the prevention of crime and delinquency and the rehabilitation of persons convicted of crime and delinquency.

Minnesota Statute 244.19

The county's Probation Department provides the Freeborn County District Court with a variety of services under the authority of Minnesota Statute 244.19, Subdivision 3:

  • "Powers and duties. All county probation officers serving a district court shall act under the orders of the court in reference to any person committed to their care by the court, and in the performance of their duties shall have the general powers of a peace officer; and it shall be their duty to make such investigations with regard to any person as may be required by the court before, during, or after the trial or hearing, and to furnish to the court such information and assistance as may be required; to take charge of any person before, during or after trial or hearing when so directed by the court, and to keep such records and to make such reports to the court as the court may order."