Freeborn County Public Health Volunteers

Purpose and Mission

Freeborn County Public Health Volunteers are part of a nationwide initiative to preregister, manage, and mobilize volunteers to help their communities respond to all types of health disasters.

The mission of the Freeborn County Public Health Volunteers is to assist our county by providing a volunteer base to support public health in all types of emergencies and disasters.


We are looking for volunteers interested in helping during a public health emergency. You do not need a medical background.  All of our members may contribute and make a difference. We have opportunities for people with diverse skills and interests.  This is an opportunity to help out in building a stronger community.

Common attributes of a volunteer are flexibility during an assignment, ability to take direction in a command structure, and willingness to prepare themselves and their families ahead of time for local emergencies and disasters in order to be available to volunteer with short notice.

Orientation & Trainings

Volunteers are asked to attend an orientation and complete various trainings. Trainings are available via web-based programs as well as in person.

You are able to join Freeborn County Public Health Volunteers online. For other questions, contact Freeborn County Public Health Department at 507-377-5100.