Family Services

Freeborn County provides the following services for the safety and well-being of families and children. Services offered are in the areas of family support, protection services, nurturing & parenting support for families and teen parents, child care and foster care licensing, foster and substitute care for children and some subsidized services.

  1. Case Management/Assessment
  2. PSOP
  3. Minor Parent

Child Protection/Child Welfare Case Management/Assessments

Freeborn County has the responsibility and authority to assure that children alleged to be abused or neglected are protected from harm or danger and that children in need of protection or services receive the appropriate help. This is a major responsibility and is taken very seriously by this department. Safety and well-being is provided by identifying strengths and needs of families, working together to develop goals and coordination of resources to support the needs of the child(ren) and caretakers.