Oversize/Overweight Online e-Permitting

The Freeborn County Highway Department has implemented an online electronic permitting application for Transportation (annual and single trip moves) and Building Move permits.  

The paper form of the old permit applications will no longer be available. Permit applications will only be accepted through the ePermitting application. The ePermitting application will provide more efficient and timely processing of permit applications.  It will also allow Users to print permits directly from their computers.

You are required to possess a user account to submit an application for the above mentioned permits.  Setting up a user account is free.  You must submit a valid email address to create a user account.  It is recommended that you create one user account for your agency. 

The accepted payment types are: 
• Visa 
• MasterCard 
• American Express 
• Discover 

You will be charged a nominal fee for this service as listed below: 
• $0-$60 = $2.00
• $61 and over = 2.35% 

You may also pay your permit fee on-line using an e-check. Your bank account will be debited for the amount. 

You will be charged a flat fee for this service as listed below: 
• $2.00

For instructions on how to create a new permit, click on the particular link below to view an Adobe PDF document with instructions.

Signup Manual
Transportation Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual  (updated 12-28-2018)

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Oversize/Overweight Permit

To obtain an Oversize/Overweight permit please choose one of the following options.

  1. A Single Move/Single Trip Permit can be used to for one load, one trip. Fee for Single Move/Single Trip is $50 per permit plus Over Design Axle Weights (ODAW) if applicable. ODAW is calculated and included in permit fee where an axle weight exceed 20,000 pounds or GVW is over 80,000 pounds.
  2. A company may apply for an Annual Oversize/Overweight Permit for a fee of $1,500. This permit will allow all of your employees to apply for an unlimited number of permits using company trucks to haul Oversize/Overweight loads not exceeding 20,000 pounds per axle and not over 140,000 pounds GVW. If load exceeds 20,000 pounds on any axle or over 140,000 pounds GVW an ODAW fee will be calculated and the company will be charged the ODAW fee. No trip fee will be charged. Click Here if your company already has an annual permit.

Map of Freeborn County Bridges and Restricted Bridges "Right Click" Link and open in a New Tab or Window.

"When do I need a Transportation Permit (Oversize/Overweight Permit?"

"What are the maximum dimensions of a vehicle I can operate without needing a Transportation Permit?"

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